Jan 29, 2013

Status Update!

Nnnnope, no comic yet. =P As I said in my last news post, I was never really sure when the comic would come back. Clearly, it's not January. BUT. I have been working on the script, I've done the lineart to fix the latest page, and when I go in to color that I should also color the one unfinished page in the chapter as well. (I mean, I'll already be in the coloring mindset, I might as well.) I'm hoping to get both of those done later this week, if I'm not too distracted by how much I fail at work and the fact that my dog is going in for surgery tomorrow. So those pages may be updated on the site within the next week or two.

When I do that, I'll also be doing some general cleaning up of the website. Mostly taking out useless things. Maybe updating the profiles if I feel I have the time. Ideally, I want to have this chapter completely scripted out and be in the midst of writing the next one before I start seriously working on new pages. That said, this is a long chapter, even after going through the plotline for it and squashing it down as much as I could. So unless I can find a way to split it up or if I start making the pages longer (a definite possibility), I can't see the comic coming back within the next few months.

If y'all really want an estimate? ...Summer? Maybe?

Yeah, I have no idea. I'm just trying to take it one day at a time here.

In the mean time! I did the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge a while back and have started to ink and color the ones I deem worth finishing--a few of which contain GS characters! So if you really want to see the Universal females or Vicious and Despair as wee godling babbehs, I'll be starting to post the challenge pics on my DA next week. Also, towards the end I feel I should warn you that there's a GS character who hasn't been introduced yet. And it's very, very obvious who she is since she appears in the "Monster Girl and her S.O." pic with...

Well, you'll just have to see, won't you? ;)

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  1. Just thought I'd comment to let you know that you still have readers who are willing to wait for godspawn to return.